Saturday, March 20, 2010

Scene Hairstyle 2009


The trends in the scene fashion have always revolved around individuality, freedom of expression, and dramatic effect. Thus the scene fashion will continue to move forward in line with the distinctive personal preferences and artistic inclinations of the scene people.

During the past few years, the scene subculture has slowly emerged as a distinct group with their own fashion statement. The scene fashion has always been characterized by striking colors, scene-stealing use of layered clothing, prominent accessories, stylish shoes, and of course, dramatic hairstyles.

With its few similarities with the emo fashion, the scene fashion is often being equated by some people to this other form of individualistic fashion statement. As both of these styles cater to freedom of expression and individuality, it would be best for each to set their trend in a more distinctive path to be able to retain their unique exclusivity.

The scene fashion trends are viewed to gear towards creating a more subtle yet more distinctive impact that is uniquely scene. The use of bright colors will be more pronounced to clearly distinguish it from the emo look. Patterns, prints and designs should also be more inimitably attractive. Accessories will be more pleasantly striking than prominent eyesores. And use of hair colors and highlights will be more subdued for that more glamorous appeal.

Post Title Scene Hairstyle 2009

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