Friday, March 12, 2010

Perfect contact lenses



This kind of contact lenses are more sought in halloween Theatrical contact that are more worn by those people who only wants to express the creativity side of their personality.

A riddick type of contact lenses are mirror tinted theatrical contact lense that are typically designed just to reflect ultraviolet rays that are similar to sunglasses. With the use of the absense of light it will make the riddick contact lense to appear almost white and while too much white can also makes the contact too dark.

Not like the other types of contact lenses, riddick is one of the most popular contact lenses that was use by many people. This are commonly use in Holloween theatrical contact that are usually available in non-prescription disposable lens.

We know that Riddick contact lense are part to theatrical type of contact lenses. But Aside from Riddick there are still other contact lenses that you should also know. This are the other types of theatrical contact lenses:

Wildeyes Contacts

Wildeyes Contacts – This type of contact lenses comes in crazy designs and patterns.Just like the alien, Hypnotica, Wild Fire, Zebra, Ice Fire and Jaguar.

Vampire Contacts

Vampire Contacts – This are painted red and it also covers the natural color of the eyes that will turn you into a red-eyed monster.The middle part of it is clear that allows your to see, but it will not mar the effect the bright and glowing vampire eyes.


Black sclera Contacts – This will cover the sclera, pupil and iris of your eyes. They are larger than the other lenses because they almost cover the entire area of your eyes. This type of lenses are best to achieve the a dramatic and horrifying effect.

Cat Eye Contacts

Cat Eye Contacts – This have a unique design just like the cats eye and it will surely catch other peoples attention.

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