Saturday, May 28, 2011


Next and new to 2011 are long, feminine waves. Natural looking hair secret is not to wash your hair too often, because unwashed hair is easier to you to manage. Many products out there to choose from that can bring out the natural waves in hair to give the wavy long look that is big in 2011 hairstyles. The salt spray is relatively new favorite to hairstylist in order to make natural long wavy hairstyles.

Celebrities such as Jessica Alba and Shakira are wearing salt hair spray and it can be dressed up to look more beautiful by adding hair jewels or just a simple locket. To get this look in 2011, spray the hair with a little salt water whilst still damp and then scrunch and let the hair dry naturally. Scrunch drying gives the hair volume and variety and the salt spray will bring out a wave in most hair types.

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