Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Teen Hairstyles


Teen Hairstyles
Although long hair are enormously beautiful, they also come with their own set of problems. Here’s a look at some of the popular kinds of teen hairstyles for long hair.
If you have curly hair then jazz it up by cutting the front portion till the lip area. The backside can have the hair going below your shoulders. Long curls look great when they fall gently around the face giving a soft, natural look.
Long layers work well when you want to add volume to the hair. Have the front portion touch your chin area and give the back area a clean U-shape to add to the versatility. The long layered look goes more often with straight hair.
Long shags are also very much in vogue like its counterpart mentioned before. The long shag cut should have the shortest layer, not above the chin areas. A little cumbersome to maintain, this cut also gives a slightly messy but cool look, once done.
You can even braid your hair and add color to it by using some hair accessories. Once done, you won’t need to visit the salon for a month. You can choose to braid all your hair or select a particular section in the front. Long hair will give you the option to style it as per your wishes. Cornrows look great for a casual night out.
Straight long hair can be further glamorized with some bangs. Bangs especially go well with long shaped faces. The edges of the bangs can be fringed so that it looks more flattering on the person.

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